About Us


We’re Chris and Christina, a husband and wife team.  Chris is the muscle, maker and wood worker and  I’ve got the signs and designing down.  Together we make this team happen.

I always loved creating and crafting.  When we were decorating our home, we wanted unique, custom pieces that went along with our taste and decor.  This was when I decided to open a storefront on Etsy.

Since the opening of our shop, we got engaged.  When we started planning our wedding, I didn’t want generic decorations from a big box store.  I wanted it personalized.  It was the process of putting our dream wedding to life that inspired us to start our own decorating business.

We were overwhelmed with such positive feedback over our decorations and custom signs that we decided to rent what we already had.  We were approached by family and friends who asked to use our decorations for their special day.   We started doing custom and personalized work.