How far will you travel?

  • We are in upstate NY – near Saratoga Springs, NY, we will travel! We will deliver within a 3 hour radius around us.  There is a rental minimum of $300 for under 60 miles.  Delivery, set up and pick up fees will be applied depending on how far and how much is rented. 

Why us?

  • If you want us to handle the nitty gritty details of delivery and set up, we can lighten your load.  We give you the opportunity to rent or buy, so you’re not overwhelmed with things you don’t need afterwards.  Let us make your life easier.  You’ve got enough to worry about, let us handle the details for you.

Will our wedding be the only wedding you set up that day?

  • We set up only ONE wedding a day, but if you would like to rent items and set up yourself, you’re more than welcome to what we have.  We work off of a ‘first come, first serve’, so if you think you would like us to set up your ceremony or reception please don’t wait.

What if I want an item you don’t have in stock?

  • We are willing to create any new sign for your wedding.

Can I see the items before?

  • We will set up a time to meet at your venue to go over everything you want and what you expect from us.  

Can I change what I want to rent once the invoice is completed?

  • Items can always added to your invoice, as long as they are still available.  Items cannot be deleted within 14 days of your event.